February 26, 2013 - Comments Off on Pinners are winners: using Pinterest for business

Pinners are winners: using Pinterest for business

Pinterest is proving to be a keeper.  New statistics this week from Pew Research show that Pinterest is almost on a par with Twitter for popularity and members, and both are second only to Facebook.

I’m a big fan of the virtual bedroom wall of what I like, want, need and aspire to – as you’ll know by my previous post on Pinterest. Pinterest is by far my favourite self-indulgent escape, as well as a place to store wishlists and inspiration for outfits, haircuts and presents!

Initially brands were welcome to join Pinterest and be part of the community, yet selling and shameless plugging was definitely discouraged.  It is interesting to see that brands largely took this seriously, sharing inspiring pins rather than opting for the shouting at followers/advertising approach.  Pinterest rewarded this respect for the rules with official brand pages and verified websites a little while ago, and now more than ever brands are really making the most of the platform.

Why are brands using Pinterest?

  • Pinterest is a fantastic referrer to ecommerce websites, and is now the 4th largest driver traffic to websites after Facebook, Google and Twitter.
  • 15% of online adults say they use Pinterest
  • ‘Pinterest has exploded over the past year and remains the social site du jour. With 48 million website visits in December, up from 9 million the year before’ Samantha Afetian
  • Monetization is on the way: Pinterest are seeking a $2.5 billion valuation.  See the full article on Wall Street Journal
  • According to Wall Street Journal, businesses are attracted to Pinterest ‘because “pinned” content has a different life cycle than posts on Facebook and Twitter.   They reference Brian Madden, Executive Director of Hearst Corp who said that:  “Content put onto Pinterest can resurface months later when people continue to discover it. In contrast, posts on Facebook and Twitter tweets produce a lot of initial interaction before fading.”
  • Pinterest are doing a bit of Facebook at the moment, hinting at potential product updates, including suggestions, which might work in a similar way to recommendations on Amazon – if someone pins a wedding dress, for example, Pinterest may suggest a florist/wedding venue.

Top 10 tips for brands on Pinterest

  1. Lifestyle
    Relate your brand to a lifestyle and a way of thinking and share your brand values.
  2. Measure
    Know how well you’re doing by using analytics to measure results. You can enable this via Google Analytics for Pinterest, plus keep track of pins from your website: Pinterest.com/source/yourdomain.com (or .co.uk)
  3. Crowdsource
    Ask your community which products they like/want by encouraging them to pin pictures of products onto wish list boards.
  4. Variety
    Pin from a variety of sources; avoid just pinning content from your own website as that illustrates a rather one sided approach rather than a community focused one.
  5. Competitions
    Running competitions such as ‘Pin it to win it’ is a simple, effective and popular way of thanking people for sharing your products and rewarding their advocacy.
  6. Themes
    Inspire your team and your followers with mood boards around themes rather than product promotion led board titles, making sure to include keywords you target for your SEO rankings to optimise and connect your Social Media marketing efforts to your Search approach.
  7. Quality Images
    Pair every product, page or important piece of content you want to draw attention to with a really good image
  8. Enable Pin it button
    People are more likely to pin onto Pinterest from your website than from your Pinterest brand page – so make images from your website pinable!
  9. Follow and re-pin
    Do this from key categories that relate to your product or service offering. Do this by logging in and watching the live stream for a category you can relate to by searching keywords.
  10. Enable Group Boards
    Pinterest is all about collaboration and group boards are a really good way of meeting like-minded brands, bloggers and potential customers and working together.

Further Reading!

Have you set up a business page on Pinterest? How do you feel it is working for you?