February 04, 2016 - Comments Off on Planning Internships at Bloom

Planning Internships at Bloom

You might have already heard about our internship scheme at Bloom – last year we struck up relationships with local universities to offer students the chance to gain some work experience in a fast-paced marketing agency like ours! Recently we invited Francessca to intern with our Planning and Strategy team, and she’s kindly written a blog post to tell you all about it.

My Experience at Bloom

My internship in the Planning and Strategy department at Bloom has provided me with a wealth of opportunities and given me an insight into life at an integrated marketing agency. The aspect I found most rewarding was seeing my work be used to help create something tangible and worthwhile, which is difficult to keep sight of at university when you’re simply writing endless essays!

As cliché as it sounds, I’ve been able to develop many key skills that will be incredibly useful when I leave university. I enjoyed using alternative methods to conduct research such as: white papers, reports, social media and competitors’ websites. Being able to sit in on meetings with clients was also always informative and exciting.

By working in the Planning department I was able to see snapshots of how the creative process works at different points, from initial discussions with a client to the Creative Department’s final product. I found working in an agency very beneficial, as this was my first experience in a completely professional environment and it was a relief to be surrounded by such friendly and supportive people and to feel like part of a team, rather than a tiny cog in the mechanism of a huge faceless company.

Future Plans

My time at Bloom has certainly been very helpful when considering my plans for the future, and it will undoubtedly influence any decisions I make regarding career choices. Although I already knew that I enjoyed research, working at Bloom has clarified this and also shown me that I enjoy conducting research in a professional environment as well as at university. I’m also now sure that I want to combine the research aspect of a job with something more creative, as I found it rewarding at Bloom to see how work that I had done often influenced the creative output of other departments.

Tips for Future Interns

If I had any advice for future interns at Bloom it would be to say yes to every opportunity you’re presented with. Bloom interns are certainly not just there to make coffee and photocopies – what you do directly contributes to the work of the agency and there’s something different happening every day. Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions! I found that the tasks which seemed the most challenging were often the most rewarding, and the people at Bloom really understand the fact that interns are there to learn and get involved. Finally, be sure to enjoy the experience and make the most of your time within the agency, because it really will be over before you know it!