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Is Hack the future of PHP?

The words ‘Hack’ and ‘Facebook’ are not two you’d normally want to hear together, but that’s all about to change. Read more…

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Is Hack the future of PHP?

The words ‘Hack’ and ‘Facebook’ are not two you’d normally want to hear together, but that’s all about to change. Read more…


Hitachi Capital

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Why developers should put their faith in Wraith

Many great things have come from the BBC, such as the iPlayer, Match of the Day and Simon McCoy. Well, recently I learnt about something else that needs to be added to that list: Wraith.

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Statesman Travel

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How one check box might change the internet forever

The other day I switched on my laptop and received a welcome surprise: it had installed Internet Explorer 11.

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What does Laravel, the PHP framework, have to offer?

Laravel is the new kid on the block and it’s fast becoming the cover girl of PHP frameworks, so let’s take a step by step look at what it has to offer.

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Are bitmap images dead? Is the future bright for resolution independent images?

In this ever evolving digital world are bitmap images dead?

Retina displays, mobiles, tablets, heck even watches, are now many peoples’ interface for the web. The uptake and variety of these devices has seen us re-evaluate pixels and how we use them.

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Bloom rank in Prolific North’s top 50 Integrated Agencies 2013

At Bloom we don’t like to brag, but…. we’ve just been ranked number 30 in The Prolific North Top 50 Integrated Agencies 2013, research which was partnered by Google.

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Scroll through the emotional Anglian experience

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Showcase mobile

Showcase Cinemas

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Is deployment a mystery to you? Never fear… in this blog, I’ll be delving into the dank, dim depths, and emerging with the diamond bright gem of deployable revelation.

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Is WebP the future of web images?

You might have heard on the grapevine that Google have been working a new image format- the imaginatively named WebP. For those of you that aren’t in the know, WebP is based on the VP8 video codec and search engine mogul Google is reporting that the image format is able to achieve a compression rating that’s between 30% and 80% higher than conventional JPEG’s.  Pretty impressive, non?

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Where Leeds Data lives

As part of our commitment to data (big and small) and its vital role in every aspect of  the things we do, Bloom have designed and developed the brand look and feel and a sparkly new website for the Leeds Data Thing.

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There ain’t no party like a JavaScript party!

Beer, pizza, and a night of JavaScript coding! What could be more fun?

We love code. It’s our job, after all, but it’s much more than that – it’s a vocation. We code all day, and then we go home and code a bit more. Some of us wake up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night, get out of bed, and prototype an idea for a web application that’s been haunting our dreams.

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HTML5 – We have the POWER!

Our development team at Bloom are experts in their respective fields. They are perfectly ripe with knowledge and veritably bursting at the seams with deliciously gooey expertise. Today marks the first of our regular technical blogs, and is brought to you by one of our newest arrivals – Sam Jenkins.

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Twitter Cards – from 140 characters to 410

Question: On Twitter, what is the maximum number of characters you can have in a tweet? Did you say 140? Then I’m afraid you’re wrong. You can actually have up to 410 characters. And even a photo.

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Bloom brings booking to web and kiosk for LA fitness

We’re pleased to announce that Bloom’s first major digital deliverable for  LA fitness has just gone live. As part of our new through-the-line relationship with the 80-strong chain fitness club, we’ve designed and developed a new gym membership application and payment system.

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Using Whisper to grow a gardening audience for Anglian Home Improvements

Anglian Home Improvements are the UK’s number one supplier of high quality home improvements.  From windows and conservatories to doors and driveways, Anglian pride themselves on helping their customers to make a house a home. As Anglian’s preferred digital agency, we are tasked with keeping Anglian ahead of the competition in a very tough market and making their digital strategy sparkle as much as their windows do! Read more…


The Ogilvy memo and how copy is user experience

David Ogilvy
 – erstwhile Englishman in New York, proto-Mad Man and founder of Ogilvy and Mather – wrote a memo to his Madison Avenue advertising employees in 1982 on the subject of writing.

Ogilvy – the man who wrote famous lines of copy about what could be heard in a Rolls Royce driven at various speeds – gave his employees ten hints to avoid writing woolly memos, woolly letters and other general woolliness. Ogilvy surmised that the better people write, the higher they will go. Read more…