Eye illustration with pupil as pie chart showing how viewing time is divided between first and second screens.

What the second screen world looks like

The way we watch TV is changing. Most of us now use a second screen – our mobiles and tablets – to enhance our viewing experience. But how do we divide our time in this multiscreen world? To answer this question a group of people were asked to wear special glasses that could track their eye movements – and the results were fascinating.

Crystal illustration to represent treasure.

Take the fear out of change – embark on a journey of discovery

Change. To some brands it’s an opportunity; to others it’s a threat. Whatever your attitude is to embracing change, it always represents a degree of risk. But embrace it you must, because it never goes away. Change is constant. Change is good.

The Open Data Institute and Bloom logos side by side.

New open data partnership promises exciting future for businesses in Leeds

Leeds has established itself as a leading city in the world of data, and here at Bloom we’re proud to be a part of that culture. Our fascination with data meant that we were only too keen to become a founding partner of the Leeds ‘node’ of the Open Data Institute (ODI), which uses the power of open data to create greater economic, environmental and social value – both locally and globally.

RBS whisper

Should crowd sourcing be the future of banking bonus decisions?

On the day that the RBS group announced losses of £8bn, the news story was always going to make headlines. The announcement was the subject of nearly 20,000 tweets – the majority of which highlighted the bad deal that UK taxpayers got from the bank’s losses.

breakfast brand bash logo

Breakfast brand bash: How to be legally social

With the number of active users on social media increasing by 64% in the last eight years and 93% of marketers currently using this medium to drive business, social media engagement is fast becoming one of the most important ways for brands to connect with their audience. Over the next five years companies are expected to double their social marketing budgets and for this reason brands must understand how to use this platform in the correct and most profitable way for their business.


Real-time Marketing – Hit or Miss?

Real time marketing, the practise of hijacking high profile events with relevant content, is making waves, with brands like Oreo reaping the benefits from creative content at the Super Bowl and Daytona 500.


Birds to bring a new audience flocking to Anglian

Our latest piece of content marketing for Anglian Home Improvements  looks through the glass (the double-glazed and hardened diamond type) to focus on the things that you can see and enjoy just outside your window.


LA shape up online with whole new site

We’re extremely excited to announce that the new website for LA fitness has just gone live. It provides the gym chain with a complete new member acquisition service online. The website integrates directly with the membership sign-up service which was designed and developed by Bloom and rolled out online and in club kiosks at the end of last year.

Magazine spread

Builders Express

Integrated Campaign.


Anglian team up with Bloom to offer one lucky winner a different type of glass

Anglian Home Improvements have recently revealed a competition that will see one lucky winner take home a different perspective of  the world around them by clutching a pair of Google Glass, the hotly anticipated tech product.


From Data to Art: Whisper at the Royal Society

We’re really, really excited to announce that a visualisation created by our earned media planning tool, Whisper, is on show at the Royal Society’s annual Summer Science Exhibition. The image, which was a runner up in the infographic category of the ‘Picturing Science’ competition, will be shown in the Royal Society’s gardens until the 7th July.


Bloom breaks Dadi awards nomination record

We’re delighted to announce that Bloom has been nominated for not one, not two, but three Dadi awards this year – smashing our previous nominations record! The awards, which celebrate the best digital marketing work across the UK, received over 500 entries this year and have been judged by a panel of digital experts from Facebook, ESPN and Versace, among others.

Wood joins the team to keep Bloom booming

Things are going pretty bloomin’ well at Bloom, which is why we’re delighted to welcome a new face to our senior team this month to keep fuelling our impressive growth.


Engage Mutual Infographic



Facebook APP.


Worldwide Window Machine

Anglian Home Improvements.

Digital Impact Awards

Bloom stand tall in Digital Impact Award nominations

It’s certainly been a good month or two for awards nominations for Bloom, and the cherry on the top has just arrived in the shape of a Digital Impact Awards nomination.


Bloom’s Alex Craven officially a top name in digital

Alex Craven, Bloom’s CEO and captain, has been identified by top industry publication The Drum as one of the most important people working in the UK digital industry.

Marshall's Mill

We’re moving!

We’re delighted to announce that Bloom are moving! Due to the agency bursting at the seams with new staff, we’ve had to find a new place to call our own!

The drum

Bloom officially top 10 agency for digital in the UK

Ok, yes it’s true – we like to blow our own trumpet from time to time. So when we discovered that we’d been ranked number 8 in a UK-wide digital census conducted by one of the country’s biggest marketing magazines, well, it gave us another reason to pick up that brass instrument and give it a big, hearty toot!


Very and Bloom team up to push second screening boundaries

We’re delighted to report that we’re working with digital department store Very to develop a smarter way to focus their social media conversations with TV viewers.


Bloom bag three UK Search Awards nominations

We’re extremely excited to announce that we’ve secured a magnificent three nominations at this year’s  UK Search Awards, the industry’s most prestigious celebration of all things search marketing.

Digital Impact Awards

Bloom scoop gold at Digital Impact Awards

We’re thrilled to announce that Bloom scooped the golden gong this year in the best use of SEO for corporate communications category at the prestigious Digital Impact Awards.

UX and SEO

Witnessing the change in the SEO and UX landscape

Silos are for grain – not agencies – or so the modern mantra of the Creative Industry has it. And as a result of that, what stands out in the landscape of one part of the agency impacts on the others. Of course, some might say that grain silos are also an effective means of execution as seen in Witness with Harrison Ford. We will ignore those people for now.



Serious about fitness.


Scroll through the emotional Anglian experience

Bloom rank in Prolific North’s top 50 Integrated Agencies 2013

At Bloom we don’t like to brag, but…. we’ve just been ranked number 30 in The Prolific North Top 50 Integrated Agencies 2013, research which was partnered by Google.


Racing raindrops

Anglian Home Improvements.

Giving Help-Link the toolkit to grow

RAR blog

Bloom officially a top 50 agency according to RAR 2013 report

We’re so pleased to announce that Bloom have ranked number 47 in the RAR Top100 report, which highlights the best marketing agencies outside of the M25. Agencies that appear on the fifth annual report were ranked across a number of criteria – including growth, profitability, efficiency and client ratings outside of the London metropolis.

Statesman Travel image

Statesman Travel

Goalden Hedgehog

Bloom given a Goal-den chance to score at PR awards ceremony

It’s true that a few of us at Bloom enjoy a good kick-around, so we were pretty excited to hear that our PR and social media work with Goal – the world’s most popular football website – has been nominated in two categories at’s Golden Hedgehog awards!

The 2nd Screen logo

Bloom to discuss the potential of the second screen at European summit

Having just spoken in China, our very own CEO Alex Craven is jetting off to Barcelona at the end of February (26th to be exact) to speak about the advertising potential of ‘second screening’ – the screens of our mobile phones and tablets that we use while watching television.


A sneak peek at our latest product – Whisper Wealth Management

At Bloom we’ve been super busy working hard to produce our brand new product – Whisper Wealth Management. This helps to bring the apparent unpredictability of social media and the science of the Stock Market together.


The complexity of saying the same thing, differently

The word has gone. A competitor has used it to good effect, and it’s now our task, as the creative agency, to come up with a new and more effective word for our client. Obviously, it needs to be different, and perform a similar function, but also true. 

Illustration of molecule-style shape and floating dots to represent Big Data.

Big Data, little data – so what?

I’ve read many opinion articles recently about the burgeoning multi-billion dollar market built around so-called Big Data. There’s no doubt that with the advent of social media (and its associated impact on brand perception and performance) the enormous amount of information held in these platforms has contributed to the hype that surrounds the ‘concept’.

Alex Craven at work.

Bloom’s Alex Craven a top name in search marketing and SEO

Leading marketing magazine The Drum has included Bloom CEO Alex Craven in their list of 100 most influential people in search marketing and SEO – and now the public will decide who makes their prestigious Top 50.

Silhouettes of TV as screen 1 and tablet or phone as screen 2.

What is the second screen, and what makes it so important?

You may have heard people talking about the second screen, and you may have read bits about it too. Marketers and advertisers are very excited about it, and some companies are investing heavily in it. But what exactly is it? And how can it benefit brands and businesses? Here’s how…

Panda eyes represent the two 'O's in the Google logo.

What does Google’s Panda 4.0 update mean for your website?

Google are at it again! They have begun to roll out the latest algorithm update focussed on the quality of website content. This is, however, not to be confused with Penguin updates, which are focussed on the quality of backlinks to your website.

Hack logo

Is Hack the future of PHP?

The words ‘Hack’ and ‘Facebook’ are not two you’d normally want to hear together, but that’s all about to change.

Illustration: a swarm of ants, but one is a different colour to the rest.

How to stand out in a crowd of clichés

One of the toughest tasks facing any brand at any time is standing out in a crowded marketplace. With so many other competitors offering a similar product or service, the necessity to rise above the noise and get yourself heard has grown stronger than ever. It pays (quite literally) to know what to say and, more crucially, what not to say.

Illustration: an eye inside a speech bubble

Creating power from social media

The corridors of power at major corporates ring with the sound of numbers, as hard data drives strategic, tactical and evidence-based decision making. Even where balanced scorecard approaches are used for business performance management, financial metrics still dominate decision making – albeit heavily influenced by ‘City’ sentiment.

breakfast brand bash logo

Breakfast Brand Bash review: How to be legally social

With more and more businesses operating online – and especially on social media – it’s become more important than ever to know how to be legally social. So we got together with leading law firm Walker Morris to organise our second and most recent Breakfast Brand Bash seminar, where professionals could get advice, answers and best practice from a panel of experts.

bloom integration

Breaking down the silos: Why an integrated agency can offer more

This fast-moving sector is in a constant state of change and to achieve results and be successful agencies must evolve in line with it. The lines between marketing channels are fast becoming so blurred that working in silos is no longer effective. It requires fresh thinking, a flexible approach and agile teams. It demands INTEGRATION.

Overlapping black and white speech bubbles.

Do your company values live in your company language?

Banks and building societies are fairly serious institutions – after all, they’re the ones looking after your precious money. But I’ve noticed that, over the past few years, the tone of the letters they send me is becoming increasingly warm and conversational, like they know me. It’s sort of nice.

Two cartoon images of Alan: one calm, one angry.

Why might UX make Alan angry?

The question was: who was Angry Alan? And why was he so very angry? Personas – the favoured tool of the UX professional for understanding who comes to and uses a website – are a precise thing.

A gift wrapped box with bow and tag

Bloom’s unique Give a Gift project raises £591 for charity

For a long time now it’s been an agency tradition to send their clients a gift at Christmas to say thank you for their business throughout the year. However, here at Bloom, we decided to rethink that tradition – and together with our clients we managed to raise £591 for charities across the UK.


Why developers should put their faith in Wraith

Many great things have come from the BBC, such as the iPlayer, Match of the Day and Simon McCoy. Well, recently I learnt about something else that needs to be added to that list: Wraith.

google link2

What Google’s latest warning means for the world of guest blogging

On 20th January 2014 Matt Cutts, head of Google’s webspam team, published a post in which he openly warned digital marketers and brands that Google have had enough of manipulative guest blogging tactics for the sole purpose of gaining links.

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