November 29, 2012 - Comments Off on Using Twitter for Off Site SEO

Using Twitter for Off Site SEO

In the run-up to our Search and Digital Marketing Surgery on the 6th December, we’ve been running a series of “How to SEO” blog posts. The second in the series sees search exec Steve Harrison talk us through using Twitter to forge relationships…

For the last couple of years off-site SEO – dominated by linkbuilding – has been changing. When I first started out in SEO, the goal was often one of acquiring as many links back to clients sites as possible. Today’s link acquisition strategies are much more about making genuine connections with bloggers and with consumers to enhance user journeys.

Because of this, when it comes to guest posting and other content outreach, we need to make sure any links placed within blog posts or articles are relevant to the piece and that readers may actually click through to visit a site. Not only will this have a great effect on the SERP results for your targeted keyphrases, but if you are driving traffic to your site organically, you are likely to increase your revenue stream too.

Using Twitter

I have found that Twitter is a very useful tool for finding relevant blogs to build relationships with in order to build natural traffic flow. When making contact for the first time via Twitter, you are limited to how much you can put in an initial tweet. So, you need to be to the point and yet engaging. Something like, “does your site accept guest posts?” simply isn’t going to cut it, nor will it make for a good long-term strategy. It’s far better to take an interest in the person and their site and make observations to show you are working within the same field.

You will get a much better response from a first tweet with something genuinely interactive and a little intriguing. This is a very basic example: “Hi xxxx, I’ve read a few of your articles recently, loved the one about xxxx. I may have an interesting proposition for you!” This is far more likely to start a conversation and hopefully, a relationship.

Following up with well written structured Emails

Once you have exchanged a few words on Twitter over a couple of weeks, you can move on to email. Email is where I expand on what I like about a site or blog, talk with a webmaster about previous posts and their audience. When you work closely with certain clients it’s easy to take a genuine interest in relevant bloggers’ work because you are familiar with the topics and issues they are covering and recognise the time and effort that goes into blogging.

The next step is to mention my client to my new contact and to explain the reasons why I think they would be a good match for some type of collaboration. This might be a guest post, review or competition – it’s good to get suggestions from the webmasters themselves as they know their audience best.

Nurture the relationship

The beginning of the relationship is very important, you don’t know how fast the turnaround is going to be and the blogger or site admin doesn’t know the true value of your relationship yet – whether you will be supplying great content, fabulous products to review and whether you’ll be doing that in a professional manner, too. Make sure that anything you provide is of the highest standard, and if there is data involved, make sure you’ve double checked everything.

Gaining Brand advocates

After time, you will find that you can write emails back and forth with your new friends. You’ll be keeping them up to date with your client’s offering, giving them stories and requesting relevant, natural links be added. Don’t be afraid to offer the same back too.  You can ask them to write a guest post for your blog, or if you don’t have access to a blog promote their blog or site through your social channels. This will strengthen your relationship and as you move forward you will have a brand advocate for life.

Do you have a search marketing quizzler that you think our team could answer? Perhaps you’ve got a burning question about some of the ground that I’ve covered above? If so, we’re holding a SEO surgery open day for businesses on Thursday 6th December. Register free today and pop into Bloom for an informal chat and a bit of advice from an award winning SEO team!