Targeted, regional marketing engages more people with the great outdoors

The Brief 

As the largest membership organisation in the UK, the National Trust, conserves places of natural beauty and historic interest. Having been around for years, it underwent a refresh to change audience perceptions and attract a more youthful demographic of young families, dog walkers and for the coastlines, surfers. They asked us to deliver measurable, integrated marketing to drive more visitors to National Trust properties in Yorkshire and the North East. 


Our Response

Working with the campaign strategy set by the national creative team, we introduced highly targeted, regional activity, that focused purely on Yorkshire and the North East. We carefully tailored our marketing channels for maximum impact, including outdoor media, display advertising, video on demand and social media content. 

As part of the activity, we encouraged the audience to think about celebrating Christmas with the National Trust using social media content on regional Facebook pages. We also launched an experiential PR campaign in Spring, perfectly timed to coincide with the height of beauty of the National Trust gardens. A number of teams handed out single flowers, each with an invitation attached to encourage people to come and experience the gardens at their best. It was a great success.

The Results

The figures we recorded showed an impressive increase in awareness and the work influenced a 41% rise in visitors to National Trust properties in those key areas. We also measured:

  • 78% campaign recall/awareness
  • Reached over 25,000 Facebook followers for the two regions
  • 85,000 video views on Google Display Network